New publication shows beneficial effect of lactulose when compared to other laxatives

January 3, 2022

Published on November 17th 2021 in Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology  Bothe et al. presented for the first time a direct comparison of three of the most   commonly used laxatives, i.e., Macrogol, Bisacodyl, and Lactulose regarding their potential beneficial effects on the gut microbiome.

A computer-controlled model of the proximal large intestine (TIM-2) with a metabolically active, anaerobic microbiota of human origin was used to investigate the effects of the different laxatives. The laxatives were applied over 5 consecutive days in their usual daily dose to treat constipation in adults. The data clearly demonstrated that in contrast to Macrogol and Bisacodyl only Lactulose had a strong prebiotic effect on Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli indicating a beneficial support for the gut microbiota of constipated patients.

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Reference: Bothe MK, et al. Microbiol Immunol Pathol 2021;2(3):1.