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Fresenius Kabi Austria GmbH is a major supplier of lactulose in liquid and crystalline form with over 50 years of experience in production and distribution.

Fresenius Kabi Lactulose is available as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and as a food and feed additive, both in bulk and as a finished medicinal product.

Lactulose is produced in two company-owned production facilities in Linz, Austria, and Vicchio, Italy.

The production process is environmentally friendly and was developed in-house. This solvent-free process with a high sugar concentration enables self-sustainability.

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Lactulose Food Grade 

Liquid and Crystal products

Lactulose, also known as galacto-fructose, is a suitable ingredient for the development of food products.

Fresenius Kabi produces food-grade lactulose in a proprietary process for various applications, such as dairy products, infant formula and ready-to-eat foods for the general population.

The food-grade active ingredient is available as a liquid solution (~67% w/v) and in crystalline form.

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Fresenius Kabi's lactulose crystals have been granted GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) status in USA and are considered safe for various applications in dairy products and beverages, such as meal replacement drinks, nutrition bars and dietary supplements.

Based on the health claims authorised in the individual countries, Fresenius Kabi has developed the Colowell® product line, which contains lactulose in the form of a fast-release powder in sticks.

Galactofructose f-type

Fresenius Kabi has developed a new food ingredient called Galactofructose f-type, which is based on lactulose.

Galactofructose f-type is a natural functional food additive containing lactulose, a bioactive derivative of lactose. It was developed by Fresenius Kabi to create healthier products with recognised health benefits. Natural activity, sustainable development and multifunctional use are the main focus.

It is produced under GMP conditions at the Vicchio plant and contains non-digestible carbohydrates (NDCs) that are microbiome-friendly and functionally active. The total NDC content is around 49 % (w/w).


Lactulose Feed Grade

Liquid and Crystal products

Due to the growing importance of health-promoting ingredients in animal nutrition* and the need to reduce the use of antibiotics, lactulose can be the right ingredient for animal health, in liquid and crystalline form.

*Lactulose is officially recognised as a feed ingredient, being included in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials (Commission Regulation (EU) No 575/2011) due to its positive effects on the intestine and in  the "Positive List for Straight Feeds" published by the "Standards Commission for Straight Feeds at the Central Committee of German Agriculture".