Fresenius Kabi produces Lactulose in Linz, Austria and Vicchio, Italy.


The Fresenius Kabi Lactulose is manufactured at its facilities, approved by FDA and international health agencies. 


Fresenius Kabi patented a solvent free process throught an environmentally friendly technology.


To meet our corporate philosophy of "committed to life" we are committed to continuously improve our products. 



Linz Plant - Austria  

FDA and international health authorities approved facility

The process for producing lactulose was developed in Linz laboratories and patented in 1969.

Pharmaceutical production on site enables the direct processing of lactulose in bulk form into finished products.

A high degree of automation and an environmentally friendly process developed in-house support consistently high quality and a high degree of flexibility in the production process.

Lactulose production runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Vicchio Plant - Italy 

FDA and international health authorities approved facility

The production of lactulose as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in both liquid and solid form to the highest quality standards is modern and state-of-the-art.

The plant in Italy is the only one in Europe that produces lactulose crystals according to the EP specification, using a unique and patented process.

The HACCP concept has been introduced for the production of lactulose for use in food and animal feed. Lactulose crystals are highly pure and of excellent quality, which makes them a unique product.