Colowell® Direct & Synergy

The gut is the key to health and well-being. Therefore, it is important to take care of the good bacteria in the gut. But sometimes it is not possible to eat a balanced diet, or other disturbances come along, such as an illness or the need to take certain medicines.

Then it can make sense to take a special supplement to nurish friendly gut bacteria and to improve the intake of specific nutrients. That‘s what Colowell® products are designed to do.
A broad variety of Colowell® products containing lactulose has been developed. They all act where health begins – in the gut.

With Colowell® Direct sticks a modern and pleasant presentation form has been developed to deliver tasty health boosters. The fast melting powder in Colowell® Direct dissolves directly on the tongue with no need for water. Particular flavours and the soft melting effect make Colowell® Direct particularly popular.

Colowell® Synergy is a supplement that combines lactulose with a multi-species live bacteria blend. The carefully selected bacteria can help correct an imbalance of your gut microflora and the lactulose will help your healthy gut bacteria to grow better.
What better way to jump start your digestion?